Autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year with its red, rust and gold, and I’m sure many of you have a few timely items you bring out and put around your home as you watch the year turn from summer to fall. Another year will soon draw to a close. We will very likely be quite busy as the holidays come at us one right after another, our calendars fill up, and we lose patience in frustration with the pace we’ve chosen to set
for ourselves.

Don’t forget to take time during the upcoming weeks to take care of yourself. Stop and watch the changing leaves; take a walk in the crisp cool air; go jump into a pile of freshly raked leaves. Give yourself permission to enjoy God’s good earth. Look for something each day that reminds you God is still creating, still speaking, and still embracing the world even as the seasons around us change.

In Genesis we read that God created all that exists and called it GOOD. As you see news reports of atrocities, natural disasters and the human animal’s inhumanity, remember God’s word of affirmation. This is our creator’s world, full of awe and wonder. Miracles happen every day. God can be seen at work if we just stop to look for that sacred touch. Then share with someone what you noticed about what is good in the world. As daylight hours shorten, many people feel less energetic, less social, less able to cope with life. If you know someone like this – maybe even yourself – being intentional about looking for the good in the world will help you cope. Talking with a friend can help. Taking on a creative project or finishing those unfinished tasks around the house can be rewarding. And of course, prayer can connect you to the One who will remind you that YOU are a blessed child of God, on good days as well as on challenging ones. Enjoy the change of the seasons and look for ways to celebrate the goodness of our God.